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An award-winning composer, music arranger and music producer, Lum began  
his career in 1989 and has since worked in Asia, Europe and US on
productions with international artistes, musicians and engineers including
Ryuichi Sakamoto (The Last Emperor, Little Buddha etc), Goh Hotoda (Janet
Jackson, Madonna etc), Jorge Callendrelli (Crouching Tiger, Hidden
Dragon etc), V Selvaganesh (Grammy nominee group Remember Shakti),
The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, and
many others. His works have won numerous awards in the Billboard World
Song Contest, New York Festivals, the ISC Songwriting Competition,
the COMPASS Awards and the Taiwan Golden Melody Award. In 2006,
Lum was awarded the Wings of Excellence Award by COMPASS for his
international achievements. His composition was also used by the
12-girl band Jyoshi Jyuni Gakubou, which sold more than 3 million
copies worldwide.

Then began Lum’s serendipitous love for photography in 2012 after
being coaxed by a group of friends who were Leica enthusiasts. Since
then, he is notoriously known for wearing his Leica camera everywhere he
goes, before becoming a brand amabassador for Leica Camera in 2015.
Adept in a diverse genre of photography, he is most passionate about
capturing people, emotions and moments through his lens. His commercial
assignments and commissions include Singapore F1, Ferrari, the CPF
Board, Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton, Fullerton Hotel, SK-II, Universal Studios,
Macallan, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, Fly Entertainment, World Vision
and many other personalities, events and brands, and has since held several
photography exhibitions, talks, and master classes.

When he forayed into cocktail mixology in 2014, he began to see a
close connection between sound, sight and taste – thus the creation of
DSTLLRY - a cocktail bar in a curated soundspace with cinematic lighting
as well as a photo gallery. DSTLLRY has been nominated Best Cocktail
Bar, Best Culinary Experience, Best Omakase by various publications and
media and its signature Barachirashi is voted #1 on Burpple.

Meanwhile, his epiphany for whiskies started back in 2009 when he was
commissioned by the Singapore government to produce a music showcase
for the Edinburgh Music Festival, and he extended his stay in Scotland for
a road trip to numerous distilleries including Islay and the Isles. So
moving forward beyond project DSTLLRY, for his latest multi-sensory
concept, Lum created the Upper Room in 2018 - the first recording studio
with a private cocktail bar showcasing an extensive range of whiskies - to
share his love for music, photography and the water of life!

It now remains to be seen what this modern day sensory alchemist’s
next project will be...